Complete range of accessories.

Your creativity is unlimited.

Lupo offers a full range of accessories for all models. Continuous light is undoubtedly simpler and more immediate to use in any condition, but we know the needs of photography professionals. All Lupo products are compatible with a wide range of softboxes, grids, tripods, battery kits, clamps, padded carrying cases and much more. Discover all available accessories.

Ease of use.

In the design and development of all our products, we pay close attention to the main features that they must have: robustness, lightness and ease of use. We want those who buy a Lupo range model to be sure that they have a reliable product that will last in time, which is easy to use and at the same time powerful and easy to carry inside and outside the studio. For this reason, all products are made with quality materials and components. The reinforced technopolymer we use for many models of our range is an incredibly durable and innovative material, widely used in all the most advanced technology sectors.

In the studio
or outside.

The same
equipment and the
same functionality.

Our professional LED lighting products are all powered by the mains and by battery because we are convinced that the convenience of having versatile equipment both inside and outside the studio is critical for a professional. With a few simple accessories you can use your battery powered lights wherever you want.

with Lupo lights.

Functionality at the service of creativity.

Lupo has a historical tradition in photography that dates back to the origins of the company, founded in 1932 by Carlo Lupo (professional photographer) and, bearing in mind these origins, we now develop a full range of lighting products for photography and video shooting. Our passion for photography drives us to produce increasingly high quality products that can facilitate the work of professionals.