Repair Procedure

Spare Parts

In order to receive the requested spare part in the shortest possible time, you must:

- Provide the product serial number: it is a 5-digit number generally found either on the back or inside the item;
- Appliance type (e.g. Superpanel 30 Soft Dual Color);
- Product code from the list that can be found in the respective website or e-commerce product pages (e.g. Superpanel 30 Dual Color is number 400);
- Provide the firmware version that can be found when the panel is turned on (e.g. FW 3.6);
- Photos and/or video of the defect where possible.

Send everything to

Return for Repair

Should you need assistance with the product directly on site, please follow the instructions below:

- If possible, send the item in the original packaging or in suitable boxes with inner packaging, as it will be shipped back in the same box;
- Attach information on the problem encountered and contact details to be recontacted;
- If you have a VAT number, attach the transport document with the DDT number, date and reason: return for repair;
- Send to:

Via V. Sassi n.28/30
10093 Collegno (TORINO) ITALY

- Once the repair to be carried out is identified you will be recontacted as soon as possible.
- Depending on the extent of the repair needed and the product warranty, an estimate will be sent to the e-mail address you provided.